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It's a Boy!

I'm taking today off from my normal paranormal duties to announce that my step-sister Jodee had a 5 lb and 18 3/4 in long baby boy yesterday! His name is John Thornton (he's named after his daddy). pictures to post as of right now.

Save Supernatural

The CW show Supernatural along with others are on an endangered series list. I've watched this show since the first episode premiered. Despite the heavy pop culture references, I think that the writers for this show are trying to stay true to actual folklore, legends and paranormal facts. In my opinion, that is very important. If this show was on a different night, it would have a better response. Supernatural is not the only one on the undecided list. Medium may not return for third season either.

Supernatural and Medium may get their chance. E! Online's seventh annual Save One Show Campaign is currently taking place to help boost your favorite shows chances of being brought back for another season. If you think this poll doesn't make any difference, that is not exactly true. Five out of six winning shows were successfully rescued.

The winner receives show-saving promotion in all three of our mediums—E! Online, E! News and the Vine. Plus, Kristin will personally deliver your show-saving plea directly to the network execs of the winning show. As a bonus, you can make your own SOS video, showing why your show should be rescued and submit it. The three best ones will air on their broadband channel, The Vine.

Here's what you do: look over the endangered series list and vote for the show you think deserves to come back next season. Voting ends on April 6th. The results will be announced on the 13th.

You only get one vote. So, make it count!

GS Question of the Week

Announcement: I have updated the calendar with paranormal, UFO and other events for this year and even one for next year. If you have or know of an event, let me know and I'll add it.

If you have had this experience, describe your first premonition.

My Answer: The first premonition I had was about me visiting my dad in Missouri. It was when he first moved there. So, I had no idea what his new house looked like. One night about a month or so before I was to visit him, I had a dream/premonition about going swimming with him, my step-sister and brother. I didn't think much about it until I went to visit him. He moved into some kind of townhouse complex and one of the first things we did was go swimming in the pool.

Bobby Mackey's Music World: Part II

I know I said I was going to post the second part today, but after reviewing it, it pretty much repeats what was said in the first one. Instead, I found a couple of sites that explore the history of the place a bit further:

Prairie Ghosts

Unusual Kentucky

Suite 101

Ghost Tour Directory


I'm sure some of you have seen the trailer for the movie The Abandoned which is in Theaters now. This is one of the movie shown at HorrorFest and was voted fan favorite. The other seven movies (Unrest, Penny Dreadful, The Gravedancers, The Hamiltons, Reincarnation (Rinne), Dark Ride, and Wicked Little Things) will be available on DVD on March 27th. If you didn't get a chance to see them in November, now you can own them. Check back later for details on this year's HorrorFest.

A belated Congratulations to Jessica Chisum a.k.a. Black Betty for being crowned Miss HorrorFest 2006!

Reader Submission - Ghost make Bobby Mackey's Nightclub Famous

Author Doug Hensley sent me this article and asked that I post it here. I believe it was written by James Watkins. I saw it published on Paranormal @ 

Ghost make Bobby Mackey's Nightclub Famous

An unassuming yet historic building on the banks of the Licking River in Wilder, Kentucky has become a nationally famous story because of the tragic, strange and paranormal occurrences that have taken place there over the years. The "haunted house" currently is home to Bobby Mackey's Music World, a local country music hot spot that is owned by the club's featured performer, Bobby Mackey.

Author Douglas Hensley wrote a popular book on the subject ("Hell's Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey's Music World,"). Hensley spent five years researching the bizarre background of the nightclub and the building itself, which has a sordid history that dates back to the 1800s. In the back of the book are copies of 29 sworn and signed affidavits from club employees, patrons, Wilder Policemen and others including Bobby Mackey's wife, Janet Mackey, who writes in her affidavit that an unseen force threw her down a flight of stairs and tried to harm her in other ways.

Hensley summed up his observations in the book's introduction: "The phenomena within and about Bobby Mackey's Music World have yet to be satisfactorily defined by any explanation other than: it's haunted."

The old building that now houses Bobby Mackey's was a slaughterhouse for over 40 years during the 1800s. The ample spilled blood from the slaughterhouse and its location on the banks of the Licking River -- on of two rivers in the world that flow north -- attracted a hoard of satanic worshippers who used the site for sacrificial grounds.

In 1896, the building became entangled in a sensational and grizzly murder when Pearl Bryan's headless body was found nearby. The young lady's head was never found, but speculation abounded that it was likely disposed of in the slaughterhouse's basement well that was used to drain blood into the river when two local men who were active in the occult confessed to the murder. Alonzo Walling and Scott Jackson became the last two people hanged in Campbell County when they were sent to the gallows on March 21, 1897 for the murder of Pearl Bryan. With his last words on the gallows behind the Campbell County Courthouse -- located near the slaughterhouse -- Walling vowed to return to torment his executioners.

According to the KENTUCKY POST articles at the time, Walling and Jackson were offered life in prison instead of death if they told authorities where Bryan's head was located. People familiar with the two murderers claim that they refused because they were terrified they would spark the wrath of Satan if they exposed the site of his sacrifical grounds. Reportedly, they offered Bryan's head as a sacrifice to Satan, most likely in the slaughterhouse well. Local believers claim the well is a "gateway to hell" of sorts, a gruesome legend that lives on to the present day.

Bryan (often a headless figure), Walling and Jackson reportedly have been seen on numerous occasions at Bobby Mackey's over the years, along with other spirits whose lives were entangled with the building in some way. In fact, several people have died unnatural deaths inside the building, which was accused of several murders at the casino. During the 1950s, it became the Latin Quarter, another popular nightclub whose owners were arrested several times on gambling charges.

Later, the building became yet another rough-and-tumble nightclub, The Hard Rock Cafe (no relation to the restaurant chain), which was closed in 1978 by police request after several fatal shootings on the premises. Bobby Mackey purchased the building in 1978 and opened his Music World shortly thereafter.

One of the most frequently seen spirits is a young girl named Johana, a cabaret dancer during the club's casino days who reportedly poisoned herself and her mobster father inside the building after he murdered her boyfriend, club singer Robert Randall. Other spirits who have appeared at the club regularly are Johana, and gangster Albert "Red" Masterson.

According to sworn affidavits, other witnesses and local legend, paranormal activity in the club is often preceded by the strong smell of rose perfume. The juke box at Bobby Mackey's also has come on suddenly and played old tunes from the 1930s and 1940s -- songs that were not loaded into the juke box. "The Anniversary Waltz" is a particular favorite, heard numerous times by many people. Chairs have moved unexplicably, rooms have gone cold and people have heard their names called, only to turn around and have no one there in the club.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the Bobby Mackey's saga are the claims by several people that they have had spirits enter their bodies while in the club. Some of the sworn affidavits claim they felt cold chills run through their bodies while others claimed to have taken on different personalities and even facial features while inside.

The most celebrated case of possession at Bobby Mackey's is Carl Lawson, who lived upstairs above the nightclub as a caretaker for the club. Lawson, one of the main subjects of Hensley's book, claims to have been attacked by several of the resident spirits and actually possessed by some of them as well, including Alonzo Walling. A supposedly successful exorcism of Lawson and the entire building took place at Bobby Mackey's on August 8, 1991. It was performed by the Reverend Glenn Coe and witnessed by Hensley, who also caught it all on videotape.

For a time, it appeared that the exorcism was successful, but in recent years, strange occurrences have begun once again at the old building. Bobby Mackey, who has refused to believe the paranormal activity was true from the beginning, nevertheless made plans to tear down the building and construct a new club on adjacent property after viewing the videotape of the Carl Lawson exorcism. However, a piece of the ceiling fell on him one day when he was discussing the demolition, and the adjacent property he purchased for the new club was rendered useless by the sudden appearance of a fissure about six inches wide and 60 feet deep that runs from the old slaughterhouse well to the middle of the adjacent property. Mackey has never built the new club, and he continues to operate at his original club where he regularly performs a special song he wrote, "The Ballad of Johana."


According to Norse mythology, Loki was not only a god but was also considered a Trickster (a deity that breaks the rules of gods or nature, sometimes maliciously but usually with ultimately positive effects). However, he wasn't born a god. His parents were two giants, Farbauti and Laufey. So, he had to sneak his way into the title. Loki was associated with fire and magic and some believe he shows a great resemblance with Syrdon, a demonic creature from Caucasian legends. Loki was the first Anti-Hero, quick-witting his way out of the tight corners and confrontations caused by his misdeeds, but as time went on, he became increasingly unpleasant.

The gods were finding it hard to build Asgard due to limited funds. Not very surprising since money and banks hadn't been invented yet. Everything had been completed except for a large protective wall to surround it. Loki came up with the brilliant plan to hire a giant for the job. The giant asked for the sun, moon and the goddess Freya as payment. Thinking he wouldn't be able to get the job done, the gods reluctantly agreed. What they didn't know was the giant had help, a stallion named Svadilfari who could haul large boulders.

With three days to go, Freya along with the other Norse gods were getting a little nervous and so was Loki. So, how was a trickster suppose to rectify the situation. Considering he was also a shapeshifter, the answer was pretty simple. He changed into a mare and seduced the stallion into following him into the woods, away from the stone pile. Without Svadilfari, the giant didn't meet the deadline which made him angry. He attempted to kidnap Freya, but Thor stopped him by cracking the giant's skull with his hammer.

Meanwhile, Loki was having the time of his life frolicking in the fields. In fact, he may have had a little too much fun because he became pregnant and gave birth to a fine baby boy stallion with eight legs. The horse, Sleipnir, was given to Odin as a gift which put him in good with the god.

Loki had many adventures with Odin's son. Among them, Thor dressed up in drag to appear as the prospective bride for a giant. Despite being the perfect fall guy, he was always good for getting out of tight situations whenever Loki needed him. Among his other mischievous deeds, Loki cheated the dwarfs until they stitched his mouth shut and even though he had three wives (Glut, Angrboda and Sigyn), he never missed the opportunity to take advantage of a Goddess.

He may not have earned the title God, but Loki was considered the most scandalous one of all time. His pranks came to an end when he caused the death of Balder, the god of light. His punishment was to be chained to three larger boulders: one under his shoulders, one under his loins and one under his knees. A poisonous snake that dripped venom was also placed above his head. His wife Sigyn caught the venom in a bowl. When she must empty it, the venom falls on Loki's face which makes him twist in pain, causing earthquakes. On the day of Ragnarok, Loki's chains will break and he will lead the giants into battle against the gods.

Sources: God Checker and Encyclopedia Mythica

Clear Quartz

Quartz acts as an amplifier of energy, and is good for healing and communication. Its' clarity and purity give it magical similarities to water and glass. It can be used to "wash away" negative energies from your body and environment. In crystal ball gazing, it acts as a window onto other worlds, a portal through which, for instance, the cause of an illness can be revealed.

Quartz is believed to strengthen the link between Earth and the heavens, enabling its user to see into other times and places. You can use it to aid psychic traveling and dream journeys.

You probably use quartz every day without being aware of it. Its ability to amplify energy makes it an important internal component in many items of electrical equipment. For example, quartz's amplifying abilities made it a vital component in early radios also known as "crystal sets."

Quartz is also used in jewelry. As it is used to stimulate your mind, the best place to wear it in jewelry is close to your head, such as in earrings, nose studs or short pendants. Wearing quartz in your jewelry can make you more perceptive to your friends' moods.

Natural Forms of Quartz
The word quartz comes from the Old Saxon querklufterz which means "cross-vein ore." In ancient times it was believed that quartz was a permanently solidified form of ice.

Natural quartz has straight edges, but these can be smoothed out to form balls and pebbles. The shape of the crystal has no effect on its magical abilities.

Natural pieces of quartz crystal display characteristic cracks, especially in larger specimens.

Perfectly clear spheres or crystals with no imperfections at all are likely to be ordinary glass rather than real quartz crystal. Make sure you have careful look at the fairground gazer's ball before you cross her palm with silver.

Psychic Connections
Quartz's amplifying abilities can help to increase your psychic awareness. To activate your crystal you will need to carry it in your pocket for a week. This attunes the crystal to your body's energy.

When meditating, try lying down with your quartz at the crown of your head. When you do this, concentrate on your mind opening and your awareness expanding.

Holding your quartz against the center of your forehead can give you inspiration and insight. A technique writers might want to try to push through writers block. Holding your crystal in your hand before you sleep can help you to remember your dreams. Since a lot of writers use their dreams as inspiration, I think this is another thing to try.

Quartz can also help you to focus your dreams. Before sleep, hold your quartz in your hand and think about any problems your have. Place quartz under your pillow while you sleep to help your mind work through the issues.

Collecting Negative Energy
Quartz can also deflect energy away from you. Your crystal can purify your environment by dispelling negative energies from the air. It is piezoelectric, meaning it produces an electric charge when compressed allowing it to disperse negative energy from the air around it.

Keeping quartz close to your body will help to protect you from day-to-day stress. Placing it on your computer will help to keep it running smoothly. It protects the machine against the negative energy you give out when you're in a bad mood. I didn't realize that my bad moods would cause my computer to crash.

Healing Powers
Quartz is a strong healing crystal, as it can help to focus and channel healthy energy, directing it to the point of sickness. It is the crystal most often used to make healing wands, although you can also use smaller stones.

Rub the affected area gently with your crystal and visualize golden light passing from the Earth, up along your spine, through your heart, out along your arms and through the crystal. The crystal will amplify the healing energy as it passes into the affected area.

Passing a quartz crystal over each of your body's energy centers in turn will clear any blockages and help energy to was through you.

Quartz can cleanse and purify your body in the same way that water washes away dirt. Boost its powers by combining it with magical items such as flowers and other crystals.

Source: Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit

GS Question of the Week

Do you believe little people such as fairies, leprechauns and trolls exist?

My Answer: I think it's possible. I mean there are eye-witness reports. So, I believe some people are seeing something. It could be little people.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I often write about holiday origins here. To be honest, I think I know less about St. Patrick's Day than any other holidays until now. So, who was St. Patrick?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and one of Christianity's most widely known figures. Despite his popularity, a lot of what is known about him is false thanks to hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling, that includes the story about him banishing the snakes from Ireland. The story was actually a metaphor for the eradication of pagan ideology from Ireland and the triumph of Christianity. Near the end of the fourth century, St. Patrick was born in Britain to wealthy parents and is believed to have died on March 17, 460 A.D.

At the age of sixteen, Patrick was taken prisoner by a group of Irish raiders who were attacking his family's estate. They transported him to Ireland where he spent six years in captivity. There is some dispute as to where he was kept captive. Many believe he was taken to Mount Slemish in County Antrim, but it's more likely that he was held in County Mayo near Killala. During this time, he worked as a shepherd, outdoors and away from people. Lonely and afraid, he turned to religion for comfort and became a devout Christian. It is also believed that at this time Patrick first began dreaming to convert the Irish to Christianity.

Patrick escaped after more than six years of being a prisoner. His writings stated that a voice which he believe to be God spoke to him in a dream telling him it was time for him to leave Ireland. In order to do this, he walked 200 miles County Mayo, where he was aid to have been kept as a prisoner, to the Irish coast. After escaping to Britain, Patrick reported that he experienced a second revelation-an angel in a dream tells him to return to Ireland as a missionary. Soon after, Patrick began religious training that lasted over fifteen years. After his ordination as a priest, he was sent to Ireland with a dual mission-to minister to Christians already living in Ireland and to begin to convert the Irish.

Familiar with Irish language and culture, Patrick incorporated traditional ritual into his lessons of Christianity instead of attempting to eradicate native Irish beliefs. For example, he used bonfires to celebrate Easter since the Irish were used to honoring their gods with fire. He superimposed a sun, a powerful Irish symbol, onto the Christian cross to create what is now called a Celtic cross, so that veneration of the symbol would seem more natural to the Irish. He used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. He used it in his sermons to represent how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit could all exist as separate elements of the same entity.

The first St. Patrick's Day parade took place not in Ireland but in New York City on March 17, 1762. Along with their music, the parade helped the Irish soldiers to reconnect with their roots, as well as fellow Irishmen serving in the English army. However, the first time St. Patrick's Day was publicly celebrated in America was in Boston in 1737. In modern-day Ireland, St. Patrick's Day has traditionally been a religious occasion. In fact, up until the 1970s, Irish laws mandated that pubs be closed on March 17. Beginning in 1995, however, the Irish government began a national campaign to use St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to drive tourism and showcase Ireland to the rest of the world.

I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. If you're planning on drinking, please do it responsibly.

Source: The History Channel

Lizzie Borden Revisited

On November 30, 2004, I wrote about a familiar woman who may or may not have committed a couple of murders. What I didn't dive into were the other possible suspects and rumors.

The first theory does involve Lizzie. Some think that Lizzie was a lesbian and was having a secret relationship with Bridgette (the Borden's maid). It is believed that on the day of the murders Lizzie and Bridget were in bed together when Abby walked in on them. You think being gay is a controversial topic now. What do you think it was like back then? Lizzie and Abby get into an argument. Abby is horrified by the situation and calls her a monster. Lizzie picks up a candlestick holder and hits Abby over and over, killing her. Lizzie and Bridget cleans up the crime scene and wait for Andrew to come home. When he arrived, he noticed the candlestick holder. Knowing that didn't belong downstairs, he took it back to the room which is when he discovered Abby's body. He questioned Lizzie and Bridget about it until Lizzie decided to come clean with what happened. Andrew reacted similar to Abby and this time Lizzie retrieved a hatchet and killed him. Again, Bridget helped clean up the crime scene. When they were finished, Lizzie told Bridget to go about her daily duties and she sounded the alarm.

To add to the lesbian theory, Lizzie met an actress named Nance O'Neil in 1904 about seven years after she moved in with her sister. It is said that since their introduction the two were inseparable. Shortly after, Emma moved out allegedly because of an argument over their father's estate and the two sister stopped speaking with each other. Rumors say that Lizzie and Nance were lovers and Emma knew this and didn't approve. Could concealing her sexual identity be important enough to push Lizzie to murder? Incest and money were other possible motives as to why Lizzie could have killed them.

Author Arnold Brown thinks that the killer was William Borden, Andrew Borden's illegitimate and slightly retarded son. Not only does this theory consist of William committing the murders but it also states that Lizzie, Emma, John Morse, Dr. Bowen and Andrew Jennings helped conceal it. Why? The reason was to keep his illegitimate status a secret because if it got out, he would be able make a claim against the estate. Diaries of a man who use to work for him stated that William carried and often talked to a hatchet at all times.

How did he do it? Allegedly, William was making demands of his father who at the time was writing a new will. When Borden rejected him, William became angry. He first killed Mrs. Borden and then after hiding in the house with Lizzie’s knowledge, killed his father as well. Then he was either paid off or threatened (maybe even both) by the conspirators who decided that Lizzie would allow herself to be suspected and tried for the murders, knowing that she could always identify the real killer, should that be necessary. A theory favored by many. William Borden died in 1901.

Some think the Borden sisters and John Morse hired William A. Davis to kill the couple because of Andrew's will. Davis was to kill them by suffocation and Dr. Bowen, who was possibly in on it too, would come by and say they both died from natural causes. Unfortunately, something went wrong which meant the plan changed as well. The couple died as plan except Davis also hit them repeatedly with an axe to conceal it. John Morse was seen by a police officer mailing a letter to William A. Davis on the day of the murder. It is believed that Morse paid him half up front and was mailing him the other half.

I'm sure there are many others. I doubt this mystery will ever be solved. Although, I'm surprised the Springfield, Massachusetts law firm hasn't released the papers from Lizzie's defense. Maybe Lizzie was the killer or maybe they knew who the real killer was. Unless they change their minds and release the documents, we may never know about the events in 1892.

What theory do you stand behind in the Abby and Andrew Borden murder case?

Sources: Prairie Ghosts and Case Reopened (WE tv show)

The Lost Colony

I posted about the most mysterious manuscript several weeks ago. This is about the most mysterious mass disappearance in the world: The Roanoke Colony.

The first attempt to colonize Roanoke Island was in 1585. Sir Richard Grenville, cousin of Sir Walter Raleigh, along with 100 all male colonists made the trip from England to what is now known as North Carolina 22 years before Jamestown and 37 years before the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts. Grenville returned to Britain for supplies leaving Ralph Lane in charge. Unfortunately, the colonists weren't prepared and not too clever. So, how did they survive? They antagonized the Native Americans with such tactics like kidnapping them and holding them hostage in exchange for information.

The colonists were desperate for supplies and Grenville's return was delayed. After destroying the Spanish colony of St. Augustine, Sir Francis Drake picked up the colonists from Roanoke and they returned to England. Interesting though is that after Grenville did return, he left 15 of his own men behind to hold the island and sailed back to England. They were never seen again. Only the bones of one man, possibly killed by the Indians, remained.

After the first attempt failed, Raleigh organized another expedition consisting 150 men, women, and children. John White, illustrator and colonist from the first Roanoke Colony, was appointed as Governor. Instead of moving on to Chesapeake Bay country, they decided to settle again on Roanoke Island. Any houses found standing were repaired and new ones were built. Governor White with the help of an Native American named Manteo, helped reestablish a friendship between the colonists and the Croatoan Indians. On August 27th, White returned to England for more supplies, but wouldn't return until years later. The events that transpired during his absence is a mystery. There were talks that the colony moved 50 miles inland, but no evidence to prove it.

White along with other men set out to find the colonists, if they were still alive. When arriving at the colony, they found nothing. No houses. No colonists. Nothing except the word "Croatoan" carved in a tree. Continuing their search, they found iron and other heavy objects in overgrown grass. The search crew tried to proceed to the Croatoan Islands where White believe the colonists would be but was unsuccessful. Due to bad weather, they were forced to return to England. Governor White and Sir Walter Raleigh were both unsuccessful financing another expedition. Despite rumors collected over the years, the mystery of the Lost Colony was never solved.

Could they have been killed by the Croatoan Indians? Maybe or they could have relocated to the Croatoan Island instead. Some even believe they were killed by Spanish troops. Other theories include disease or natural disaster. Of course, we can't leave out the suspects well known for their abductions, aliens. One thing is certain though. This mystery may never be solved, but it was a milestone in U.S. history. If lessons weren't learned from Roanoke Island, colonists at Jamestown may not have survived.


History & Culture: National Park Service Cultural Resources

GS Question of the Week

New species of animals are found all the time. Do you think creatures such as bigfoot, Chupacabra, and Loch Ness monster are just species of animals that have yet to be studied?

My Answer: I think it's possible that some of these creatures are new or rather than old species of animals that haven't been studied yet. I think it's possible that they are rare and maybe even endangered animals. Unless there are some real evidence other than fussy pictures or footprints, we may never know if they even exist. Actualy, I think it would take these animals being captured, dead or alive, before a lot of people will even believe they are real.

A Husband and a Father..Maybe

"The Da Vinci Code" surfaced rumors that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and possibly had children, an issue that caused much controversy. Now, a documentary by directors James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici may add further proof to the claims. They are stating that their research has led them to suggest that Jesus was not only married to Mary Magdalene but also had a son named Judah and a 2,000-year-old Jerusalem tomb held his and his family's remains.

A tomb dubbed the Talpiot Tomb was located in Talpiot, Jerusalem, March 28, 1980 by a construction crew developing an apartment complex. Scholar L.Y. Rahmani described 10 ossuaries, or limestone bone boxes five of which is said to be inscribed with names believed to be associated with key figures in the New Testament: Jesus, Mary, Matthew, Joseph and Mary Magdalene. A sixth inscription translates to "Judah, Son of Jesus". n addition to the "Judah son of Jesus" inscription, which is written in Aramaic on one of the ossuaries, another limestone burial box is labeled in Aramaic with "Jesus Son of Joseph." Another bears the Hebrew inscription "Maria," a Latin version of "Miriam," or, in English, "Mary."

A scientist at the Paleo-DNA Laboratory at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, Carney Matheson analyzed the human remains by doing a Mitochondrial DNA examination and has determined that the individual in the Jesus ossuary and the person in the ossuary linked to Mary Magdalene were not related. Since tombs normally contain either blood relations or spouses, Jacobovici and his team suggest Jesus and Mary Magdalene could have been a couple. "Judah," whom they indicate may have been their son, could have been the "lad" described in the Gospel of John as sleeping in Jesus' lap at the Last Supper. Is it possible that Jesus was really married and had a son?

An Israeli archaeologist and professor disagrees. Amos Kloner documented 10 years ago the tomb was a burial tomb for a well-off Jewish family. He stated that he was adamant that there is no evidence to support claims that it was the burial site of Jesus and that the names were nothing but a mere coincidence. "I'm a scholar. I do scholarly work which has nothing to do with documentary film-making. There's no way to take a religious story and to turn it into something scientific," he told AFP in a telephone interview. "I still insist that it is a regular burial chamber from the 1st century BC."

The academic at Israel's Bar Ilan University supports Kloner on the theory of the names, stating that "Maria" and "Judah" were very popular and common names in the 1st century BC.

Until answers are found about the tomb, the debate will continue. "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" premiered March 4th on the Discovery Channel. I'm not sure when or if it will run again.

Source: Yahoo News/AFP

The Bell Witch

This is a post from the Ghost Stories' earlier days. Enjoy!

One of the most well-known haunting in America took place in Adams, Tennessee, 1817. For nearly 200 years an entity known as "The Bell Witch" haunted the small farm community. Many say that "The Bell Witch" was a woman named Kate Batts. Kate was the mean neighbor of John Bell and is said she was wronged by him in a land purchase. On her deathbed, she vowed to haunt John Bell and all his descendents.

For years, the Bells were tormented by the spirit, John Bell and his daughter Betsy being the primary targets. No one ever really saw her but you definitely heard and felt her torment. She would read sermons, sing hymns, as well as pulled their hair, poked needles in them, yell at all hours of the night, snatched food from their mouths at meal time and the list goes on. It is also said that this phenomena attracted a future president.

General Andrew Jackson, of whom John Bell at one time served under, heard about the infamous spirit and decided to investigate the witch and either reveal the hoax or send the spirit away. He gathered a group of men and made the journey to Adams. Many of the men followed the wagon on horseback as they approached the place, discussing how they were going to get rid of her. As they traveled over a smooth level piece of road, the wagon for some odd reason halted. The driver popped the whip and the horses pulled as hard as they could but it wouldn't budge. Gen. Jackson, soon then, ordered his men to dismount and remove the wheels to examine them. After determining that there was nothing wrong with the wheels, Gen. Jackson threw up his hands and exclaimed, "By the eternal boys, it is the witch." A metallic voice responded with "All right General, let the wagon move on, I will see you again to-night." Bewildered, the men looked in every direction to determine where the voice came from but didn't see anyone. At that moment, the horse started unexpectedly and the wagon moved smoothly, continuing its journey to Adams.

During their stay, it is said that they were subjected to the same torment as the Bells: covers being yanked off, slapped, poked by needles, pinched, etc. After one night, Gen. Jackson and his men hightailed it out of there. Jackson was later quoted as saying, "I'd rather fight the British in New Orleans than to have to fight the Bell Witch."

John Bell met his demise on the morning of December 19th. Two months before, he was struck with illness while walking to the pigsty of his farm. Some say he had a stroke because thereafter he had difficulties talking and swallowing. On that day in December, he failed to awake at his usual time and his family noticed that he was sleeping unnaturally. They discovered John was in a stupor and could not be awakened. When John Jr. went to get his father's medicine, he noticed it had been replaced with a strange vial that later, after been tested on a cat, was discovered to be poison. The witch bragged that she had given John a dose of it while he slept. John Bell died on December 20th. The witch was quiet until after his funeral when she began to sing loudly and joyously. This continued until all friends and family had left the grave site.

In 1821, the Bell Witch left the Bell household saying she would be back in seven years and made good on her promise. Seven years later, she appeared at the home of John Bell, Jr. where she told him of prophecies of future events, the Civil war, World War I and II for example. The ghost said that she would reappear 107 years later, 1935, but no one has ever come forward with claims of her re-appearance. A cave now sits where the Bell property once was. It is now known as The Bell Witch Cave. Some say they have seen apparitions and other unexplained things at the cave and spots near it.

But was there an explanation for all these strange occurrences? Some think that it was a hoax, just clever pranks and tricks thought of by one person. Richard Powell, a schoolteacher, was in love with one of his students, Betsy Bell. But she was in love with Joshua Gardner, also one of Powell's students. It is said that he would have done anything to destroy their relationship, even create all the effects of a "ghost" to scare him away. Joshua Gardner did, indeed, break up with Betsy and moved away on account that he had been a primary target of all the witch's violent taunting. But no one really knows if Powell really was the culprit of this elaborate scheme or even how he was able to pull off all the remarkable effects, including paralyzing General Jackson's wagon. The only known thing is that he came out the winner and married Betsy Bell.

Like others, this story was the subject of the movies The Bell Witch Haunting and An American Haunting. Rumors state the creators of The Blair Witch Project used The Bell Witch as inspiration for their film as well.

Source: About - Paranormal Phenomenon

Diamonds Made from Pets?

A company called LifeGem will take ashes from an animal or human and turn it into a diamond using the carbon in the remains. They use the carbon and recreate nature in a lab to form a diamond. Now, you have a way to cherish your beloved pet or friend/family forever.

Some may think its an odd way to remember them, but someone like Sue Rogers didn't think so. She had a diamond ring made from her dogs, Lucky and Sam, and her cat Patch. She claims that it was worth every bit of the 3,200 pounds (about 6,000 American dollars) that she paid for it.

If someone close to you passed away (animal or human), would you consider doing something like this?

Source/Photo: Yahoo News/Agency France-Presse

Popcorn, AIDS and a movie?

I remember when I was in school (can't remember if it was junior high or high school) that a rumor was spreading and people were getting all panicky. The rumor was to be careful when going to the movies because someone was pricking people with a needle or thumbtack that had AIDS infected blood on it, saying "Welcome to the world of AIDS" and then running off or something to that effect. I don't know how it got started but I was guilty about being a little more cautious when going to see a movie because of it.

If you've heard this one, allow me to put your mind at rest. According to Snopes, this urban legend is false. There are two reported incidents in 1996 and 2005 where someone sat on a needle at the movie theater but neither of the victims contracted AIDS or HIV.

So how did it get started? The pin pricked story actually dates back to the 1930s. In the New Orleans area, young girls were told to beware of the Needle Men. They were instructed to sit at the end of the aisle in movie house and not the middle unless they wanted to attract white slavers who would sit on either side of a girl, inject her with morphine and carry her out of the theater into a life of shame. Others feared the "Needle men" were actually medical school students harvesting cadavers for dissection. Women would die from poisoned-filled syringes and then delivered to a teaching hospital which were taken place in theaters and on the street. However, there was no proof that these men even existed.

The story behind the HIV-loaded needle began in 1989. Some black girls from New York City decided to play a prank. They jabbed pins into 41 random white women. Unfortunately, the media made it bigger than it was stating repeatedly the pins were tainted with AIDS. Upon arresting the girls, the police found no basis to the AIDS reports. Since then, there have been several similar incidents. Some people have even used AIDS-filled syringes for robberies. They aren't guns or knives but still affective weapons. There is only one report of someone getting HIV from being pin pricked though it was unrelated. An Australian prison guard was pricked with a needle by a HIV-positive inmate when his backed was turned. The guard later tested positive for the disease and died seven years later.

There are a lot of myths and legends about HIV/AIDS. I urge everyone to do your homework and get your facts straight on the disease instead of believing everything you hear.

Source: Snopes

GS Question of the Week

Lets say that time travel is the true explanation for shadow people. If you had the opportunity to do what some claim people of the future has accomplished, would you want to visit the past knowing what form you would be taking? Why or why not?

Shadow People

Have you ever been just sitting and minding your own business when you saw a dark shadowy movement out of the corner of your eye? It could be nothing or a phenomenon called shadow people or shadow beings. Don't know what that is? Well, the name pretty much says it all. It's a shadow in the shape of a person and some have reported they have glowing eyes, usually red. They use to be only seen out of the corner of your eye but more and more witnesses are starting to see them straight on and for long periods of time. What are they exactly? There are many theories to help answer that question.

The explanation from skeptics and mainstream science feel it is nothing but our imagination. Our minds are playing tricks on us and we are seeing things that aren't really there or there is a reasonable explanation for it. Could they be right? I think it can account for some, but can it account for all cases?

Another popular theory is that shadow people are another way of how ghost manifest, falling in the category of orbs, cold spots, etc. It's a possibility, but by most definitions of what a ghost is, it may be a phenomenon in its own category. Most entities that take form have detail to them (face, hair, and clothing) while shadow people do not. Maybe they aren't ghosts but actually demons. People who have seen them have left with dark or malevolent feelings. I think a dark figure with glowing red eyes is enough to make most people feel uneasy. But if they are demons, what is their intent with letting people see them in this manner?

Aliens are also on the suspect list. Abductions are so bizarre it's not a surprise that there is an alien theory. Some abductees have reported that the aliens grays seemed to pass through walls and closed windows and appear and disappear abruptly among other things. Is it possible they conduct their business disguised in the shadows?

So far, theories discussed in this post are ones that would probably immediately come to mind with a subject like this, but lets venture to two that you wouldn't think of unless you did your homework. With time traveling, you might think that you would just go completely from one point in time to the next. That's basically what the entertainment world has taught us. However, the idea linked with shadow people is that those from the future were able to achieve the possibility of traveling to the past but only to observe in the form of a shadow. I don't know about you, but this one seems a bit far-fetched to me.

What about visitors from other dimensions? Mainstream science think this theory is fairly possible. It's believe that other dimensions are parallel to our own but invisible. And inhabitants possibly have found a way to come in our dimension appearing only paritially visible like shadows. Psychics and sensitives believe beings on other planes exist of different "vibrations". Scientists are starting to look at reality, on a quantum level, in the same way. So, are shadow people inhabitants from a parallel dimension? Possibly.

A true explanation could be found for this phenomenon one day, but for now, it can only be observed and documented in hopes the pieces of the puzzle will once be put together.

Source: About: Paranormal Phenomena

Thinking Blogger Award

Grimm is one of the regular readers here and he posted a comment on Tuesday's post about a surprise for me waiting at his blog. Well, the surprise turned out to be a blogging award/meme called Thinking Blogger Award. This blog was one of three that he felt was worthy of it. I feel so honored. Thanks, Grimm!

Now, it is my turn to pass the spotlight to five other deserving bloggers. Allow me to first start with the rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

It was hard to narrow it down to five but here are the ones that I have chosen:

1. The Paranormal Blog - I've nominated this blog a couple times for blog awards. Sue and Matt's blog is basically similar to this one except they know a thing or two more than I do on this subject. If you want a professional view on ghosts, I don't know any better place than theirs.

2. Blog from the Darkside - Steve is another regular reader here and a writer to boot. I won't lie. I do give some preferential treatment to writers. Blog from the Darkside contains a mixture of horror, writing and some things in between.

3. The Blog of Death - This one may not be what you think it is. It's basically a collection of obituaries. I first discovered this blog when looking for information on Jonathan Brandis, the actor that was in The Neverending Story 2 and SeaQuest. I was wondering what happened to him and found out that he committed suicide. Did anyone else not know that?

4. Doctor Fong's House of Mysteries - This blog is a little beyond words, but a good one none the less. Check it out for yourself.

5. Daily Piglet - A cool chick who blogs about pretty much anything but usually what is going on with her and her family. I have one of those "cool moms", and this lady is totally in the same category. She's hilarious and worth the read!

Congrats to you five! You all deserve the recognition. You don't have to participate, but why not? Its fun and plus you are in the position to share with your readers five more 'thinking blogs' they may have never heard of.

Thanks again, Grimm for the honor!
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