"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

The Hidden Whisper By: JJ Lumsden

Tonight is Halloween. You may have opted to stay home to watch a scary movie or Ghost Hunters Live investigation. Or you may have chosen book instead. If so, I have a suggestion for you. The Hidden Whisper is a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, all about the paranormal.

It centers on parapsychologist Luke Jackson. He planned to go to a conference in Hawaii, stopping in Arizona for a family visit. Unfortunately, life had other plans. His grandfather died, changing his plans. While comforting his grieving grandmother, his help is enlisted by residents who believed their house is haunted by a poltergeist. After a bit of investigation, Luke concluded the cause was more natural than supernatural.

If this book offers anything, it gives you a better look in to what parapsychologists do. Since it is part nonfiction, it is a bit heavy on facts. If you’re looking for just a ghost story, this book isn’t for you. It’s centered around a fictional story with actual facts to explain certain aspects. Another thing, the author JJ Lumsden is from the UK. British and American English is a bit different. For example, we spell “tires” with an “i” and they spell it with a “y”. If you’re American, it can throw you off a bit, but it’s not incorrect.

If you are like myself and have a general interest in the paranormal, The Hidden Whisper will inform as well as entertain you about the subject. It’s worth the read.


Share Your Experience

Tonight, TAPS unveiled their findings of the USS Hornet. Yesterday, the Sci-Fi Channel unveiled their newest site. They have developed a social networking community that encourages users to share their paranormal stories and have named it Join the Hunt. They have made this site an extension of one of their most popular shows, Ghost Hunters.

This site allows users to contribute ghostly images and stories, as well as view photographs and vote on whether the structures pictured are haunted. Tutorials on how tracking equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors and electronic voice phenomena recorders work are also being offered. Another offer featured on Join the Hunt is the ability to ask experts, like Grant and Jason, questions.

If you are a fan of Ghost Hunters and/or its spin-off Ghost Hunters International, you may be interested in Sci-Fi’s latest installment in this franchise. They recently announced yet another spin-off of this popular show entitled Ghost Hunters: College Edition. Cameras will follow a group of students investigating unusual incidents. Paranormal State is a show on A&E with a similar concept. Not sure if the GH version will be able out do its competition with this particular show. We will see.

GS Question of the Week

What are your Halloween plans?

USS Hornet

TAPS and Colin Ferguson from Sci-Fi show Eureka will be investigating the USS Hornet on Wednesday.

It seems we will be getting a double dose of Ghost Hunters next week as their Halloween special is next Friday, October 31st beginning at 6pm Central. They will be joined by Rob, Dustin and Donna from Ghost Hunters International and Amanda Tapping from Sanctuary. Josh Gates will return as host and will be accompanied by Steve Valentine from Estate of Panic.

Haunted Attractions

If you're looking for some spooky fun, Haunted House Association has picked 13 haunted houses from around the country:

7 Floors of Hell, Cleveland, OH - In this haunted house you will experience Scarecrow's Revenge, Camp Nightmare, House of Nightmares, The Cemetery, The Crypt, CarnEvil in 3D, and The Butcher Shop. Check website for days, times, and ticket prices.

13th Gate Haunted House, Baton Rouge, LA - You will venture through 13 frightening themed indoor and outdoor areas from a Crematory oven to a rickety old bridge full of snakes. Admission is $20

Nightmare on 13th, Salt Lake City, Utah - Admissions to the main haunted house including the Nightmare Theater are $15 a piece. If you want to experience the extreme version which includes new rooms The Electrocution Maze, The Terror Tunnel ,The Phantom Hall and The Mega Blaster Experience as well as a few old popular ones, you will have to produce $20. Open September 12th to November 2nd.

Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston, TX - This attraction prides itself as the only haunted house that is REALLY haunted in Houston. Open September 26th - November 1st. Admissions is $25 regular or $35 for VIP.

Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, TX - This attraction has a variety of scares for your enjoyment including Halloween screams, mad Texas Chainsaw Massacre ghosts, walking dead pirates, Gothic horror screams, Haunted Jefferson Rivers Amusement Attraction, & spooky Santa ghost. Admissions are $26.50 for adults and $22 for children.

The Bates Motel, Philadelphia, PA - If you're looking for Norman Bates and his mother, this isn't the place for you. However, if you are in need of some "agritainment", check out this attraction located at Arasapha Farms. It features a 25 minute Haunted Hayride, corn maze and of course The Bates Motel. Admissions are $12 for the corn maze or motel, $20 for hayride or $40 for combo.

The Darkness, St. Louis, MO - The Darkness has spent 15 years bringing America scarefests. You will experience the City of the Dead, a witch's swamp house, graveyard, and mirror maze. The website also provides a live Fearcam to watch it all from the safety of your home. Tickets are $17 for adults and $13 for children.

Dreamreapers Haunted House, Chicago, IL - It contains over 22 rooms, 40+ animatronics, over 40 actors and actresses and something rare among this industry, scents based upon the theme of the room. Tickets are $15 per person.

Erebus Four Story Haunted Attraction, Pontiac, Mich - Four-story haunted house featured in the 2005 Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Walk-through Haunted Attraction. Tickets are $20 per person.

The Haunted Hotel, San Diego, CA - Brings horror movies like Saw, Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre to life. This attraction also includes a trail ride featuring the horror of fairy tales.

Headless Horseman Hayride and Haunted Houses, Ulster Park, NY - Contains a one mile hayride, a labyrinth style corn maze, three professionally created haunted houses, four food concessions, as well as Ghoulish Gifts, Magic Moon Gifts, Scarewear, Fear Gear and Witchy Woman gift shops.

Kersey Valley SpookyWoods and Maize Adventure, Greensboro, NC - Provides a haunted house, haunted tram ride, haunted corn field, Spookywoods walkthrough and a chilling magic show by Jonathan Frost. Tickets are $22 for adult and $12 for children.

Netherworld Haunted House, Atlanta, GA - New haunts for 2008: The Bottomless Pit, The Vicious Wolf Pack, The Time/Space Ripper, The Slime Pits of the NETHERWORLD, The 17 Foot Tall Pumpkin King,The Skull Crusher, Massive Gore, Live Roaches, Snakes, Rats, Hogzilla, The Twisted Dentist and The Pile Driver. $18 per person.

Oklahoma attractions didn't make the list, unfortunately. Here are a few this state has to offer:

Pyscho Path - Located in Sperry, this attraction combines the elements of a theme park ride with your average haunted house. Tickets are $15 per person.

Castle of Muskogee - Here you get a variety of entertainment: The Trail of Blood, Domus Horrificus, Casa Morte, the Ultimate Maze, a startling Hayride, the Torture Chamber and Halloween Land for children 8 and under, and ghost stories. Entrance to parking and the village are free.

Trail of Fear Haunted Scream Park - Located in Lawton, the Trail of Fear began as a single attraction in 1998 with a small tent and outdoor maze. The Trail of Fear consists of 4 main attractions- The Trail of Fear (Suitable for Most), Cirque de Morte (suitable for most), The Hackensaw Haunted Hayride (NOT recommended for children under 10), and the Pumpkin Junction (just for kids).

Curse of the Werewolf - Located in Chouteau, features Curse of the Werewolf, The Darkness and Kids Fun House.

Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D - Located in Oklahoma City, the only 3D ride in Central US. Wearing 3D glasses, you experience 16 scenes that you can't run from.

GS Question of the Week

Who do you think performed the better investigations of The Goldfield Hotel and The Old Washoe Club: TAPS or Ghost Adventures?

Theodores' and Smith Billiards

Next on Ghost Hunters: Theodores' and Smith Billiards in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Resident Steve Gonsalves use to play at Theodores' with his former band Po' Boy and the Red Hats. He heard many stories about this place and approached Jason and Grant about investigating it. TAPS members and crew spent two nights proving and/or disproving what makes this tavern tick.

Co-owners Keith P. Makarowski and Keith E. Weppler, Theodores' Tavern is located in a century-old five story building on Worthington street since 1999. It has come to be known as the place for Blues music, voted #1 Blues club in the country by the Blues Foundation in 2004, and BBQ but also has another reputation. Some claim to hear balls rolling on the fourth and fifth floor which use to be the home of a bowling alley 80 yrs ago (now vacant), chills in the basement, apparition of a little boy on a pool table, ghostly footsteps and whispers when the room is virtually empty.

Are the stories true? Is it haunted? Tune in to Ghost Hunters on Wednesday to find out.

Ghost Adventures: The Series

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. Ghost Adventures: The Series premieres tonight at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern on the Travel Channel. They will be investigating Bobby Mackey's Music World. If that's not enough to fulfill your GA needs, they will be hosting a LIVE webcam chat after the premiere on at 11pm Eastern and they launched their new website at complete with bios, forums, merchandise, etc.

Zak Bagans and Nick Groff gained increased popularity when their documentary aired on the Sci-Fi channel. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry. Travel Channel has acquired it and it will be airing sometime in the future. I had the pleasure of watching the film when it first premiered.

Edit: After watching the premiere tonight, I'm starting to rethink how I feel about their investigation style. During paranormal investigators have different investigating styles. Groups like TAPS focus more on science and debunk than anything else. Groups like GA are more emotional with a little science mixed in. Not exactly a bad thing. Personally, I prefer the scientific types. As long as GA are on the up and up about everything, I think it's good that people get to see the other side.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving

Anyone can carve a pumpkin. Some like Hugh McMahon have turned it into art, charging $1500 a piece for his creations. Amoray Dive Resort in Key Largo, Florida has taken this Halloween tradition and given it a new twist.

On October 27th, contestants in this unusual competition, must put on their diving gear and carve a pumpkin 30 ft below the oceans surface. Divers must compete against theirs and the pumpkins buoyancy as well as each other to get top prize, last year being a free dive trip. I wonder how they keep the candle lit...

Hands Free Email

Who needs vocal cords or typing skills when you can create email or voicemail by only thought. Yes, I'm being serious. Mike D'Zmura from the University of California is the lead scientist on a new project to create a helmet to convey messages telepathically. Surprise...surprise. The army is paying for it.

Not exactly a new idea but a twist on an old one. Of course, if he succeeds the army will get first dibs and maybe...just maybe it will become available to us civilians in the future.

For more details on this new project:

GS Question of the Week

The Federation of Lights has predicted a large UFO will appear in Alabama tomorrow on October 14th. Do you think this prediction will come true?

Oak Alley Plantation

When you first look upon Oak Alley Plantation, it's a home out of the movies. In this case, that statement is more true than anything. Oak Alley has appeared in films such as Primary Colors, Interview with the Vampire and more recently Stay Alive. But is such a beauty haunted?

Oak trees line the walk and frame the house, adding to its exterior appeal. Planted 300 years ago, they may have brought the same to another home owned by a French traveler. Jacques Telesphore Roman met and married Celina Pilie in 1834. They purchased the house in 1836 and Celina's father Joseph Pilie, an architect, possibly provided the design. The house took approximately two years to complete. In the end, Celina Roman named their beautiful home "Bon Sejour" but travelers dubbed it Oak Alley for the avenue of mighty oaks.

Jacques died in 1848 from tuberculosis, leaving Celina to manage the business affairs. She was inexperienced and her incessant spending helped begin the downslide for the Roman family among Creole Society. Henri, her only son, was forced to sell the plantation at auction in 1866 where John Armstrong purchased it. The family continued to live there for administrative purposes for awhile. In 1881, Portugal native and Confederate veteran Antoine Sobral bought Oak Alley. More than twenty years later, the plantation traded hands again. Many people tried to turn it into a respectable business but failed. In 1925, Andrew and Josephine Stewart bought and paid to restore the house. After two years, they realized it's historic value and open it to the public.

Many believe Celina Roman haunts Oak Alley. Did TAPS confirm these claims? If you consider a possibly entity on the 2nd floor balcony appearing on thermal, cold spots, and a K2 session supposedly with her as proof, then case close. But like any other reported haunted location, there isn't enough certainity in this field to back that up.

Emma Crawford

What would you do to remember a beloved member of the community? I bet coffin racing didn't come to mind. Since 1994, Manitou Springs Colorado partake in this annual tradition in honor of Emma Crawford. Of all things they could do, why coffin racing?

Emma came to Manitou Springs for their miracle mineral springs in the late 1800s. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis which back then was a death sentence. Unfortunately, she lost her battle at the age of 19. Her dying wish was to be buried on top of Red Mountain. Her fiancee Mr. Hildebrand and eleven other men carried her body up the 7200ft. In 1929, after years of stormy weather, her remains washed down the side of the mountain. Emma was reburied in Manitou Springs Cemetery in an unmarked grave. Some say she haunts Red Mountain.

Now, the townspeople honor her every late October with The Emma Crawford Festival. The 14th Annual Coffin Race and Parade takes place on October 25th, 2008 from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

GS Question of the Week

Thripz By: Robert Farley

We live in a time of constant fear. Terrorist hit us hard with the 9/11 attacks and now, fear has become an everyday thing. Everything is looked upon as a possible terror attack: food contamination, West Nile Virus, etc. A book, fiction or not, becomes more compelling when it parallels with a current fear. Robert Farley developed an idea from the days he use to work on a farm in Hawaii. Working indoors not out didn't stop him from using his surroundings. In the end, he created an evil biogeneticists with one mission in life: seeking revenge. Two feuding farms in paradise gives him that opportunity. With every villain there is a hero. This techno-thriller produces a reporter to save the day.

Nathan Brewster, a reporter for the Waikiki Times, left the fast-pace of city life for the mundane stories to entertain mostly tourists. While at the Honolulu Police Station gathering police reports for his column, he came across a weird story of a man attacked by insects and reported missing. Who could pass up something like that, right? He manages to get his hands on a dead specimen of the allege culprit and rushes it to a college professor friend. While at the college entomology department, he meets a local farmer, Tommy Wagner, who's melons and peppers were destroyed by the very same insect. Dr. James Lanahino and his students discovered the insects were in fact thrips, a common garden pest. There is one slight problem. These thrips were genetically modified to reproduce faster and are immune to pesticides. That's the last thing you want to hear. The only person capable of creating such an insect, no one can find.

Dr. Lanahino and his team continue to break down the insects genetic structure and try to find a way to keep them from spreading all over the island of Oahu. In the meantime, Nathan continues to keep track of where the thrips are, who they are attacking, and where they may head next, helping the military and law enforcement contain the infestation the best they can. If that wasn't enough to keep this reporter on his toes, he consents to helping Tommy (and his story) to determine why his competitor, Tapaya Farms are not only experiencing the thrips rampage but also has managed to get their hands on a specific pheromone to keep them away. However, what they find were two feuding farms unknowingly were working together to help Philip Wei with his revenge plot.

I'm not a big fan of insects period. Yes, I'm the type of person who would do a crazy dance just to get a grasshopper off of me. This book didn't really help with that fear either. There were a few typos. They could easily be missed if you weren't really looking. I think the only other reservation I have is with the characters Jin and Sung, Philip Wei's bodyguards. It's well established how much of a psychopath Wei was though some may understand why. However, considering who Jin and Sung were, why would they risk witnesses? They had chances to kill or at least let Wei kill Lianne Halea, the first dead guy's fiance, and Jael Duncan, works with Nathan, but chose to save them instead. If they were just bad guys with a conscious, that wouldn't be any big deal. But the plan was to take Wei's work back to North Korea and use it for their own military purposes. Despite how it ends, they would have quite a bit to lose leaving loose ends. It just seems a bit out of character for bad guys like them.

Thripz is one long rope of mystery and suspense without any kinks or knots. The point-of-view shifts between multiple characters but you're never lost among all the chaos. Despite a few minor spelling errors and in my opinion, a bit of confusion with a couple of character's behavior, this book is a good read. I wouldn't say it's worthy of Great American Novel status, but good for a nice thrill ride. Thripz is available for purchase on Amazon. Visit the Thripz website if you want an autographed copy.

Book Trailer

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TV Schedule

Not really a show I recommend but if you're looking for a good laugh, Most Haunted Live airs on October 10th at 8pm - 3am ET/PT on the Travel Channel. They are "investigating" Gettysburg.

Unsolved Mysteries is back. It airs on October 13th at 5 & 6 pm ET on Spike TV. I'm curious to see if it's as good as the old version.

Ghost Adventures: The Series premieres on October 17th at 9pm ET on the Travel Channel. If it's anything like their documentary, I don't plan on being a fan, but we will see.

Sci-Fi's 31 Days of Halloween began on October 1st. One month of all that is scary from movies, documentaries, reality TV and more! ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween begins on October 19th. Yes, they will be showing episodes of Scariest Places on Earth. Not sure if any are new or not.

Later today I will be posting a review of Robert Farley's novel Thripz. Be on the lookout for that.

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Seven Sisters Inn

The Seven Sisters Inn are two beautiful Queen Anne-style Victorian houses in Ocala, Florida. They offer candlelit dinners, gourmet breakfasts, accommodate weddings and even have murder mystery events. A perfect bed & breakfast to get away. One snag though. The inn has permanent guests who will keep you on your toes.

Seven Sisters International House (purple) was built in 1892. It contains 13 bedrooms each with its own themes, representing the many locations owners Bonnie Morehardt and Ken Oden have traveled to. It is believed the house was built on the very spot of a triage nearby Fort King. Her sister, The Scott House (pink) may or may not be on the site of a battle between soldiers and Seminole Indians. The original house was built in 1888 but burned down.

Most of the experiences described are that of playfulness. TAPS discovered this first hand. During a K2 session, something was making it light up in a childish manner. At one point in the evening, Jason and Grant attempted to debunk claims of something tripping people on the staircase in the purple house, I think. Jason took off his flip-flops and climbed up the stairs. Once he reached the top, a small dark mass ran from a room to left of him down the hall. After searching for it, they went back downstairs where Jason found only one of his shoes where he left them. They searched the house for almost half and hour and finally found it in the middle of a room they weren't shown during the tour.

Another experience they had consisted of a K2 Meter and a chair. I believe it was in the purple house. Jason and Grant were trying to track down the origins of a voice and shadows when they came across a spike on the K2 Meter on a chair. The interesting part about it was Grant traced the outline of a person with it. Everytime he went outside the "outline", the K2 went dead. On top of that, the chair was cold. They both sat in it and felt the chill coming off of it. When they checked it again with the K2, whatever may have been there disappeared.

TAPS gained quite a bit of personal experiences but little evidence to back it up. So, is the Seven Sisters Inn haunted? Spend a night there and find out.

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