"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

Poogan's Porch Restaurant

Where does one come up with a name like Poogan's Porch for a restaurant? This one went above and beyond to show their appreciation of beloved canine friend. That's right. Poogan's Porch Restaurant was named after a neighborhood dog called Poogan who acted as their guardian in 1976. Poogan died in 1979 from natural causes but his memory will live on through this eatery. However, a touching dog tale is not why you read this blog.

Poogan's Porch is a hot spot for celebrities such as Jody Foster, Jim Carrey, James Brolin and the late Paul Newman. It was also used as a filming location for the 1989 Hugh Grant move "Champagne Charlie". As for the paranormal world, the restaurant was named "Third Haunted Place in America" by the Travel Channel in 2003. Zoe St. Amand, a former resident of the Charleston House, is often seen throughout the building. Pots and pans crash in the kitchen. The police have been notified but they always turn up nothing upon investigating. Guests of the Mills House Hotel next door to the restaurant have reported seeing a woman in a black dress waving to them from a second floor window.

Stop by Poogan's Porch Restaurant. You may go home with a ghostly tale.

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Lily E. Gray Mystery Solved?

For years, people have flocked to the grave marker of Lily E. Gray. "Victim of the Beast 666"....what could it mean? Some researchers took it upon themselves to solve the mystery once and for all. One person may have found the answer.

Richelle Hawks dedicated the last few years to solving the riddle. She even set up a website, displaying her findings as her search progressed. Several tips Richelle had received suggested she view Elmer Gray's, Lilly's husband, Criminal Pardons Application. While before she had trouble viewing the document, it is now available online. It is this document which has led her to a simple conclusion.

It was Elmer's rants about the government and their so-called "involvement" with his first wife's death which may have led to the phrase "Victim of the Beast 666" being placed on Lilly's tombstone. He was her only surviving family member at the time of her death. Therefore, the responsibility was left up to him. Could the mystery be finally solved?

Read how Richelle came to this conclusion:

Blue Bell Hill

Blue Bell Hill is a chalk hill located between Maidstone and Rochester in Kent. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, much of it was quarried for chalk and was also the site of several villages including Walderslade and Kit's Coty. The hill also has a few other famous features.

It contains one of the many prehistoric neolithic chamber tombs in England known as the Medway Megaliths, including Kit's Coty House and Countless Stones. Blue Bell Hill Dolmen is, unfortunately, now a lost member of this group.

A Roman temple was also located on the hill for a period of time. It is believed now a ghost girl walks the A229. In 1992 alone, three motorcists claimed to have ran over this girl. Some speculate this girl to be that of a bride-to-be who died as a result of a two-car collison in 1965. She was taken to a nearby hospital but her injuries were too severe. The young woman died five days later. Could she be the same girl motorists have been encountering?


A group of Japanese wild boar hunters searched for their prey but instead came across an unknown species of cat on Japan's Iriomote Island. The Yamapikarya is described as being 3 to 4 feet long and twice the size of the known Irimote wildcat. It's reported to have a yellow, dark yellow, or orange coat with large, black spots and a long tail.

Since the first sighting, there have been at least 47 eyewitness reports, hitting its peak in the 50s and 60s. Wildcats moved deeper in to the uninhabited areas of the island. Thus, reports decreased. There are only two known species of cats on the island. Could these sightings mean there is another wandering the area?

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What are your feelings on turning human bones in to art?

Capuchini Bone Chapel

Where do you go to see a magnificent display of funerary art? If you're ever in Rome, the Capuchini Bone Chapel is the site to see. All furnishings in the church are made from the donated bones of 4,000 Capuchin monks and several poor Romans. There are many theories as to the identity of the artist. Some believed he was a French Capuchin. The Marquis de Sade visited the crypt in 1775 stating the artist was a German priest.

The Capuchins broke from the Franciscans in 1525, returning to a more genuine interpretation of St. Franci's edict. They wore a pair of sandals with no socks, and a tunic with a hood to cover their head if the weather was bad. The name of the Capuchin friars actually dervies from this hood, or capuce. And Capuchins have traditionally worn a beard. They left the friary of St. Bonaventure in 1631 to the priest one, transporting the remains of deceased friars.

The crypt contains six rooms: Crypt of Resurrection, The Mass Chapel, Crypt of the Skulls, Crypt of the Pelvises, Crypt of the Leg Bones and Thigh Bones, Crypt of the Three Skeletons. All contains bones except for one (The Mass Chapel). Alterations were made until 1870. Tibia and fibula form the chandelier. Vertebrae line the ceiling. Skulls and pelvis bones are displayed like tiles. A clock is made from vertebrae, foot and finger bones. An altar containing the heart of Capuchin devotee Maria Felice Peretti (1656) is preserved in the Mass Chapel.

There are no fees for tours. Although donations are "required".

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Mayor Calls in Reinforcements

You know something is up when a mayor calls for your help. Mayor Sue Lawson from Newtown, UK called up the Newtown Paranormal group when she sensed a presence at the Newtown’s Mayor’s Chambers and the Robert Owen Museum. They were more than happy to lend a helping hand.

The Mayor's Chambers was built in 1902 originally as a meeting room and library. Robert Owen was a social reformer who founded the Co-operative movement. He was born in Newtown in 1771 and is chiefly associated with New Lanark, A New View of Society, New Harmony and The New Moral World. He urged universal primary education and public works to solve unemployment. He bought New Harmony in Indiana as an experiment in co-operative which ended in failure. A man who dedicated so much to change deserves a little something to remember him by. The result is the Robert Owen Museum located in the former library.

Newtown Paranormal experienced cold spots. A man in a black waistcoat, black striped trousers and a tophat has been seen and allegedly identified as William Price. There are also reports of creaks and other sounds of movement. The staff have seen shadows throughout the building. The investigators also had trouble with equipment failures but managed to identify a "fear cage" in one confined area. Could Robert Owen be teaching social reform to a new group of people?

Red Onion Saloon

Red Onion Saloon was Skagway's most exclusive bordello. Built in 1897 with planks cut by Captain William Moore, founder of Skagway (Alaska), the brothel provided alcohol on the first floor and "other" entertainment performed on the second. The bartender kept ten dolls on the back bar for every room and girl. Whenever a girl was with a customer, he would lay the doll on its back until money was sent down copper tubes attached to each room. Some of the girls who worked at Red Onion Saloon were Popcorn Lil, Big Dessie, and Kitty Faith.

Ten years after its opening, business began to fall. Most of the girls moved northern to be closer to the goldfields, casinos and dance halls. As with numerous buildings, the saloon moved closer to the railroad depot in 1914. During World War II, the building was used as army barracks. Then, it went on to a laundry, bakery, television station, gift shop and union until finally turning back in to a saloon in 1980. Today, it operates as a bar and restaurant. The ten small rooms were transformed in to an office, Madame's Room, dressing rooms, and a refurbished bedroom.

Footsteps have been heard on the second floor. One employee got so spooked they called the police. When the authorities arrived, they witnessed a shadow run down the hall in to the Madame's Room. A shadow female has also been seen watering nonexisting flowers also in the Madame's Room. Another spirit waters the living plants when no one is around. Perfume is often smelled on the 2nd floor. Do the ladies of the evening continue to work at the Red Onion Saloon?

GS Question of the Week

Do you think the corpse of the second alleged "Montauk Monster" proves it's real and not a hoax?

McDow's Hole

In the 1860s, Charlie and Jenny Papworth with their infant son Temple made a treacherous journey to what is now known as Alexandra, Texas. Purchasing a spread next to Charlie's cousin Jim McDow's, they built a cabin 200 yards from Green Creek a.k.a. McDow's Hole and got settled. About five years later, Charlie and Jenny welcomed their second son. Unfortunately, not long after the blessed event, Charlie received word his parents had died. In their will, he received all of their furniture. The only way it could be transported was by train and Texarkana was the end of the line out west, 200 miles away.

Charlie made arrangements for the furniture to be shipped and set off with his wagon to pick it up. A decision he would come to regret. Increasing danger of cattle rustlers, worried him. He insisted Jenny and the kids not sleep at home; therefore, a routine was established. Jenny stayed in their cabin by day, preparing for winter and caring for their children. At night, she would bundled up the children and ride to either the McDow's or Keith's place. About a month after Charlie's departure, Jenny and the children didn't show up at the McDow's. Mrs. McDow checked with Mrs. Keith the next day and discovered they had not slept their either. The two women rode to the Papworth's cabin.

Upon their arrival, nothing seemed out of place. However, no one answered the door. The two entered the cabin, finding no sign of Jenny or the children, but all was not right. A scuffle had taken place leaving two overturned chairs and a small spot of blood on the floor. They feared the worst. The sound of a sob from under a bed brought them some hope. They found five year old Temple hidden and scared to death. The child attempted to talk but was never able to give a coherent account of what happened to his mother and brother. A search party was quickly formed.

A large, obnoxious man named Brownlow soon pointed the finger at the Comanche despite there not being any reports of them in the county. It was because of his insistence on their guilt that made him the suspect in some eyes. His quirt or whip was also found near the Papworth cabin. He claimed to have been by the day before to talk to Jenny and there was no way to disprove his statement. Therefore, the search party pursued the Comanche which led to no sign of Indians or the missing Papworth family members. Charlie returned two weeks later only to discover his world destroyed. He was told Indians were responsible but he grew to suspect Brownlow as well.

Back then, many took the law in to their own hands. Brownlow took advantage of this fact when he sensed he was under suspicion. He stirred up rumors about Charlie, calling him a horse their and rustler. Many refused to believe him but the damage had been done. In 1867, one vigilante group, led by Brownlow, raided the area, dragging men from their beds. They forced Charlie out of his bed, tied his hands behind his back and made him mount a horse. He and six other men were strung up on the Papworth's big pecan tree next to McDow's Hole. The group fled at daybreak in fear of being discovered. Charlie Papworth, thanks to his son Temple, was the only one to have survived. The next day, Charlie and Temple road off to the Oklahoma territory, never to return again. Later, on his deathbed, Brownlow confessed to killing Jenny Papworth and her infant son because she had witnessed him associating with known cattle rustlers.

Many who have stayed or lived in the abandoned Papworth cabin have witnessed Jenny walking in to a wall, scratching at the door, and the air becoming chilled. A woman has also been seen at McDow's hole floating above the water sometimes holding a baby. Is it really the ghost of Jenny Papworth or the ghost of some other unfortunate person killed on the land? Today, trespassers are not allowed in the area.

Another Montauk Monster Washes Ashore

In July 2008, an unidentifiable creature washed up on the beach in Montauk, New York. Some believed it was a bloated raccoon. Others, thought it might have been all a publicity stunt. I don't think it's true origins was ever revealed. However, another such creature has been found on the beach in Southold, NY on May 6th, 2009. Who broke the story? Why the very person running the creatures official website, Nicky Papers at

Papers stated the "animal" smelled of "rotten garbage" and therefore, had to take photos and video. Yes, a rotting corpse always makes me want to whip out my camera. Then said it may be the "result of biological warfare and carries the H1N1 swine-flu virus". Gotta love the media.

Interesting thing is every attempt I've made to access the Montauk site has gone unsuccessful. He has a new site called Reality in 500 words or less. Wasn't able to access it either. Either he is experiencing technical difficulties or closed up shop. However, I managed to find him on Twitter.

I still think it's a hoax. He gets an anonymous tip by a person who could be behind it all. Plus I love how in the Youtube description it states "real video interview taken with the monster on the night it washed shore". How do you interview an animal much less a dead one?

Ghost Hollow

An Elm tree once stood along the Cimarron River in Payne County, Oklahoma. In the 1800s, this tree served as the ideal spot for hangings. Legend goes in 1887 an innocent man was strung up on that Elm. The next day, all the bark mysteriously fell off of it. When the light of the moon shined on this bare tree, it glowed an eerie white color. Some say you could even see a body hanging from it.

The Elm remained standing for many years but has since been chapped down. We'll never know if it's alleged "glowing" was due to the natural occurrence of the moonlight hitting a bare tree or something more paranormal. However, visitors still claim to get a "creepy" feeling at Ghost Hollow.

GS Question of the Week

What is a Spirit Mimic?

The History of Mother's Day

Mother's Day celebrations date back to a Greek spring festival dedicated to the goddess Rhea, the mother of many deities. In ancient Rome, offerings were made to the Great Mother of Gods, Cybele. Celtic Pagans celebrated the mother goddess Brigid. Here in the United States, we have Anna Jarvis and her daughter Anna for our celebrations.

The first celebration of Mother's Day here in the United States took place in 1858. Of course, it wasn't exactly called "Mother's Day". Jarvis organized Mother's Work Day to raise awareness of the poor health conditions in her community. Jarvis died in 1905. Her daughter, also named Anna, began campaigning to memorialize her mother's life work. She lobbied for a special day just for mothers. In 1908, a service was held at her West Virginia church in honor of Anna's mother. White Carnations, Jarvis' favorite flower, were handed out to those that attended.

Five years later, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution for all federal officials to wear white carnations on Mother's Day. However, it wasn't until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill making it an official national holiday. Unfortunately, Anna was not pleased with the gift-giving tradition that became associated with the holiday. She was even arrested for disturbing the peace at a convention selling carnations for a war mother's group. Anna died in 1948 in West Chester, Pennsylvania poor having spent her inheritance campaigning against the commercialization of the holiday.

Today, don't just send a simple card. Write your mother a letter or show her how much you appreciate everything she has done. Happy Mother's Day!

Green Man Tunnel

There are a series of rail tunnels in western Pennsylvania. Only one, Green Man Tunnel is said to be haunted. The legend begins with a man who supposedly worked for an electric company. He was electrocuted by a down power line or struck by lightning. Some variations claim he died and now haunts the tunnel. Another states he was horribly disfigured and became a recluse. Others claimed his face glowed or was tinted green. It's believed that if you drive or go in the tunnel and call out his name, the green man will appear. Like some, there may be a degree of truth to this legend.

There was a man named Ray Robinson. On June 18, 1919 at the age of eight, he accidentally touched a high-voltage electrical trolley line which left his face disfigured. Locals called him "Charlie no face". He lived his life as a recluse and only came out at night. Teenagers would stop and talk to him along Route 351. They brought him beer and cigarettes. Some say his second nickname "The Green Man" had to do with the green hue of his face, but others claim it was because of the green plaid shirts he always wore. Mr. Robinson is described as being the kindest man they ever met. However, not everyone regarded with the same courtesy. Some played practical jokes on him, this legend may be the worst one of them all.

Despite it all, he lived to be 74, dying in 1985. While Ray Robinson has been viewed in a negative light due to this legend, if it is about him, a movie about his life may change it all. Tisha York is a resident of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Ray's hometown, and is a producer in an independent film about "The Green Man". Let's hope this negative can be turned in to a positive.

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Vanessa Wolf presents Save me from myself posted at Wide Awake in Wonderland, saying, "This is largely humorous (as is my blog), but it does cover my (former) very real fear of aliens + some related stuff. No hard feelings if it's not appropriate!

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Do you think seismographs are effect tools in investigating the paranormal?

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The Ladd School

On many occasions I have warned readers to not trespass on private property. If you want to investigate a haunted location, go through the right channels. The experience of ghost-hunting teenagers visiting Ladd School in Exeter, Rhode Island is an excellent example as to why you should listen to such warnings.

In the last three months, five men allegedly armed with knives, clubs, BB guns and axes held up a total of 12 teenagers. They allegedly stole money, credit cards and cell phones. They were held without bail pending a a hearing on May 6.

The Ladd School opened in 1907 as a mental rehabilitation hospital. Much like Essex, it saw it share of overcrowding. At one point, the population reached 1,000 patients. Ladd School was ill-equipped to handle such conditions. Dr. Joseph H. Ladd was the only certified doctor on staff. The remaining staff had little training to care for patients. There were no dental care, morgue, recreational facilities, chapel or "functional" hospital apparatus. Patients slept head-to-feet on cots only nine inches apart. Some were beaten regularly due to disruptive behavior. Patients were given incorrect prescriptions, wrong dosages and medications administered by unqualified personnel, causing many deaths. A nine-year-old boy was found in a laundry sack asphyxiated. An elderly man was shoved down a flight of stairs by another patient and died. Ten years after a lawsuit was filed against the school, the facility shut down in 1993.

Locals and trespassers alike believe the school is haunted. There are reports of disembodied voices, murmuring or crying out. Doors close and open on their own as well as lock itself when no locks are to be found on the door. Shadows have been seen outside of the facility. Car alarms and horns allegedly go off on their own. Obviously, a place any ghost hunter would like to investigate. Ask for permission first. You may be denied access due to the condition of the buildings, but at least you won't be in jail or worse.
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