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The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind is an upcoming science fiction/thriller/horror film directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi starring Mila Jovovich, Will Patton and Elias Koteas. The film is supposedly a documentary reenactment set in Nome, Alaska, dealing with alien abductions. The title was derived from J. Allen Hynek's classification of close encounters with aliens, in which the fourth kind represents an alien abduction. Milla Jovovich plays Dr. Abigail Tyler, the Nome, Alaska, psychiatrist who stumbles upon the 'alien abduction' link between her patients, during clinical hypnotherapy sessions. However, there has been some speculation as to whether or not the "fact" is really nothing but fiction.

At the beginning of the movie trailer, it states "Based on actual case studies". But which case studies? The truth is the FBI did investigate the mysterious deaths and disappearances of twenty-four people in Nome, Alaska. The investigation took place between the 1960s and 2004. In 2006, they concluded that "excessive alcohol consumption and harsh winter climate" were the cause. However, they did consider the possibility of a local serial killer. The Fourth Kind uses the theory that the missing persons cases were the result of alien abductions. Alaska has had its share of UFO sightings and the official movie website shares a few links. Could there be some truth to this theory afterall?

If you Google "Dr. Abigail Tyler, Nome Alaska", a website called "Alaska Psychiatry Journal" provides her biography along with "related articles" on sleep disorders, emotional issues, hypnotherapy and regression therapy. However, there is no homepage or contact information. The website was registered on GoDaddy in August 2009. I attempted to go to the site and all I found was "404 Not Found".

It's entirely possible Dr. Abigail Tyler is or based on an actual person. But it seems to me its more of a marketing ploy. The "Based on a true story but actually we made it up to get you to see our movie" thing is getting a little old. Find the real true stories, make scary movies out of it and then sucker me in. Is that too much to ask?

The Haunted Mortuary

In New Orleans, graveyards makes a perfect back drop for a haunted attraction. However, The Haunted Mortuary is a bit more special than most. This attraction is set up in an actual haunted mansion. The massive three-story building was constructed in 1872 by Mary Slattery.

Her intentions was to build a home for generations of her family. Mary and her husband John had six children. Family friends Mr. and Mrs. John Kane also lived with the Slatterys. In October 1905, the house was sold to Mrs. Marie Lafontear and William Klein who maintained it until May 15, 1923. Then, it was purchased on behalf of PJ McMahon in 1928 as the future site of a grand funeral home called PJ McMahon and Sons. In 1959, an ambitious building project was launched adding a specially designed elevator, a rear garage for the discrete delivery of the dead, additional viewing rooms and offices. At its height, the building featured amenities found in only the nicest of mansions such as smoking parlors for the men, private bedrooms and apartments with separate baths for the bereaved, maid service, an on-site cook, dining facilities, chaise lounges for the ladies in their private bathrooms and private drawing rooms. The purpose was to mimic the comforts of home and rivaled all but a few of the grandest of residences of New Orleans.

PJ McMahon and Sons was a full-service funeral home. There was an autopsy room and an embalming room as well as a crematorium onsite, cold storage for the dead, casket storage, casket sales and a flower sales facility. The property was designed to anticipate and take care of every aspect of the funeral business. PJ McMahon and Sons was massively successful, performing an estimated twenty thousand funerals. On April 29th 1985, PJ McMahon and Sons merged with the Security Industrial Funeral Home Corporation. The building transferred owners a few times over the years. On March 23, 2004, EHN2 Holdings, also known as Neil Corporation which owns Aveda’s Spas purchased the mansion.

Neil Corp’s goal was to turn the ornate funeral home into a Day Spa Academy. They gutted the property due to its poor condition and the hazardous materials throughout the building. Almost everything was removed. All that was left was the wood framing, doors and the staircases of the building. In this process, the CEO of Neil Corp died by somewhat mysterious circumstances and their board decided to discontinue the project. The gutted building was listed for sale in 2004, remaining empty and abandoned for three years. During this period, Hurricane Katrina swept through in 2005. The mansion survived the storm due to being located on high ground. In July 2007, Jeff Borne, the owner of PSX Audio/Video Technologies purchased it, turning the house in to the Mortuary Haunted House that it is today.

The many souls who passed through PJ McMahon and Sons Funeral Home may never have left. A woman in white has been seen on the top floor crying for her long dead husband. A tall well-dressed man is said to appear whenever someone is disrespecting the cemeteries that surround the property. Two rambunctious ghost children, a boy and girl, have been known to play pranks on visitors. A former mortician is often seen in the basement continuing his bloody work beyond the grave. Other activity includes, footsteps, whispers, furniture moving on its own, and poltergeist activity.

You may go for a little Halloween fun and leave with a ghost story.

GS Question of the Week

What is your favorite Halloween related urban legend?

Briarhurst Manor

A finalist in the Ghost Hunters “Great American Ghost Hunt” contest, will Briarhurst Manor live up to its reputation as one of America’s most haunted locations? Dr. William Bell was born in to a life luxury in 1840. His father was a physician to the Royals and thus provided the education for his son to follow in his footsteps. In 1867, Bell left London for St. Louis to attend lectures on the medical principles of homeopathy. This trip would change his life forever.

He fell in love with chaotic “Gateway to the West” and decided to stay in America for awhile. He applied with the Kansas and Pacific Railroad for a survey and mapping expedition only to learn the position of doctor was filled but not photographer. With the purchase of equipment and a crash course in photography, he was hired by the railroad. The expedition led him to form a life-long bond with the leader of the survey General William Palmer. Together they shared a vision of building a corporate empire and business partnership, founding the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad. The narrow gauge D&RG RR extended a spur into Manitou Springs, Colorado. With an aggressive marketing strategy, the resort prospered. Bell returned to England in 1872 to marry his childhood sweetheart Cara Scovell. The newlyweds returned to Colorado in July and began construction on their new home, Briarhurst Manor, that fall.

Easterners and English investors flocked to the resort building a community around it for the elite. Hotels provided entertainment with the popular bands of the day. Plenty of parks and shops were also built. Wealthy visitors brought their families and household staff and stayed for months at a time. Bell and Palmer’s 30 or so businesses kept him away from Cara and their four children much of the time. One winter night in 1886, Cara woke to her bedroom filled with smoke. William was away on business and it was up to her to ensure the safety of her children and servants. She managed to wake everyone and get them out of the house but she remained inside. With the help of the gardener Ferdinand Schneider, they rescued Bell’s prize oil painting "Mount of the Holy Cross” by Thomas Moran. They raced outside to a safe distance and watched as all their belongings turned to ash. The Bell family retreated back to England just to return the following spring to begin reconstruction.

The second more elaborate Briarhurst Manor contained a schoolroom, conservatory, cloister and library. However, a few years later, Bell decided to retire, liquidating most of his holdings in the United States. He entrusted the Briarhurst estate to long term employees Ferdinand and Amalia Schneider and moved back to England. William and Cara made their last visit to Briarhurst in March 1920. William died about a year later of a heart condition at the age of 81. Cara lived to see the age of 85 before dying in 1938. Vida Ellison known for her work with Mesa Verde National Park lived and stored artifacts, including Anasazi mummies, in the home for many years from 1940 to 1966. Now, the 130-year-old Victorian mansion operates as a restaurant.

Some eyewitness accounts include hearing chimes in the upper floors or in the basement, visitors being bumped, touched or tugged at, strange noises and voices, music playing, drops in temperature, mysterious footprints, children playing, shadows, objects moving and apparitions of a young girl with curly red hair (supposedly one of the Bell children), Mrs. Bell and an unknown skeleton woman in white roaming throughout the estate.

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Thank You

I would like to share some good news with you all. Every quarter, BlogBurst, a RSS-based Blog Syndication Network site, rewards its members whose blogs are on their Top 100 Leaderboard per quarter. I was told today Ghost Stories was #11 on their list for the third quarter!

What this means is mine was the 11th highest in headline impressions. That is quite a bit exposure for Ghost Stories. Along with this ranking is a little cash reward. I started this blog for the exposure not the money. The purpose was to share in a subject I'm interested in as well as display my writing abilities. But I have to say it feels good to be paid for my hard work.

I know none of this would have been possible without you all. I thank you. Whether you are a loyal reader or first time visitor, thank you so much. I don't think there would've been a better way to celebrate five years of Ghost Stories.

Extreme Paranormal

I have to admit. I was going to watch and review the show, but I’m feeling a bit burned out on paranormal TV at the moment. So, I opted for CSI: Miami instead. This won’t be me giving you a thumbs up or down because it wouldn’t be fair. However, I did switch back during commercials and see pieces of Extreme Paranormal.

They conducted two investigations. The first was at New Mexico State Penitentiary. This was the site of one of the most horrible prison riots in history. Thirty-three prisoners died from either being hacked to death, burned alive and/or tortured. After this tragedy, the prison closed. The second investigation took place at Bonito Lake. Bonito City use to stand where the lake is now. A murderer named Martin Nelson killed seven people before being gunned down by a posse. The city was eventually abandoned and then it flooded creating Bonito Lake. It’s believed Martin Nelson haunts the lake now.

From the little I saw, I think this one may get pulled from the air some point, but I could be wrong. It seemed the only thing extreme about it came from the three investigators Shaun Burris, Nathan Schoonover and Jason Gowin reactions to alleged paranormal activity.

There is a bit of news concerning Halloween live shows. It seems Ghost Hunters has bailed out of their usual. For the past few years, they have conducted live investigations of a haunted location. They’re not doing that this year. Instead they will have like a live Q&A or something like that along with a marathon of viewers favorite past episodes. Sounds like to me, controversy over last years live show may have got the better of them. But don’t worry, Ghost Adventures is picking up the tabbed. The GA crew will be having a live investigation of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on October 30th. They’ll also have the fan interactions with chat, texting and all that.

Personally, I like Ghost Hunters but there are just so many times I can watch the re-runs before I’m bored. I think them sitting this one out is not a good idea, but I’m sure they have their reasons. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

UPDATE: There's been a lot of confusion over the Ghost Hunters live event. From what I understand so far, there will be a live investigation. However, Jason and Grant may not be apart of it. Jason and Grant have tweeted they will be home spending Halloween with their families. I saw a tweet from Grant today confirming the panic button and live webcams. That leads me to believe there will be a live investigation with or without them.

Ghost Hunters, whoever is planning on being present, and Ghost Hunters Academy recruits will investigate Essex County Hospital. Josh Gates is returning as host. Not sure if any celebrities will be joining. I think I read somewhere Meatloaf may be making another appearance. I don't know. The GH marathon begins at 8 am Central and the live investigation starts at 6pm Central. If, indeed, Jason and Grant are sitting this one out, here's hoping it will still be a good night.

GS Question of the Week

What is your explanation for phantom cars/trucks? If some have no drivers then why do they exist?

REMINDER: Extreme Paranormal premieres tonight on A&E at 9pm Central/10 Pm Eastern. It seems their motto is much similar to Ghost Adventures: provoke. So far, I'm not impressed.

Stuffed Chupacabra

Has the elusive vampiric "goat sucker" been found? Last week an unusual animal made its first appearance at the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, New York. The stuffed creature is believed to be the mysterious chupacabra. This particular animal was found thousands of miles away in Blanco, Texas in August. The local man who discovered it took the dead beast to taxidermist Jerry Ayer claiming it was none other than the chupacabra.

It had been attacking chickens a few days earlier, and met its demise by poison left as bait. A less common description reported by eyewitnesses describes it as a strange breed of wild dog. It's mostly hairless and has a pronounced spinal ridge, unusually pronounced eye sockets, fangs, and claws. This description resembles the beast displayed at the museum. It weighed about 80 lbs and resembled a coyote or dog except the front legs were a few inches longer than most coyotes. The beast's body was mostly hairless other than around the feet and along its backbone. The numerous inquires about the animal forced Ayer to abandon plans to use the creature as a conversation piece and sell it to a real estate agent named John Adolfi, owner of the Lost World Museum. Is this animal an actual chupacabra?

Tissue samples were collected from the beast. However, the DNA results have not been revealed yet. Two common theories are that it is either a hairless Mexican dog breed called Xoloitzcuintli or some kind of mangy coyote. The alleged chupacabra found in Cuero, TX in 2007 turned out to be mostly coyote. Ayer never claimed it was a chupacabra and believes it is a "genetically defective coyote". However, Adolfi decided to display it and other unusual items and artifacts as an example of "fallibility of science" and to cast doubt on the credibility of mainstream scientists.

The first reported chupacabra attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto Rico. Eight sheep were discovered dead, each with three puncture wounds in the chest and were completely drained of blood. Puerto Rican comedian and entrepreneur Silverio PĂ©rez is credited with coining the term chupacabras soon after the first incidents were reported in the press. Since then, chupacabra sightings and animal deaths have been documented in such countries as Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Brazil, United States, and Mexico.

Will the DNA results prove, once and for all, the existence of the third best-known mystery animal or does John Adolfi own the world's most expensive dead coyote? The stuffed chupacabra will remain on display through Halloween.

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Reminder Sunday

You have 14 days to submit to the Ghost Stories Carnival October edition. Your submission must be in by 11 pm Central on October 30th. Pick your best post between September 2nd and October 30th. and submit it. No registration required. Your submissions must be paranormal or Halloween related.

False Alarm

Sleepiness definitely clouded my judgment on this one. A show premieres unlike most of the others and I’m thinking, “Okay something different. Might be worth the viewing.” Totally wrong. I don’t watch Ghost Adventures because they are overly aggressive. To me it looks like a bunch of lunatics running around an alleged haunted place. To others it’s entertainment.

I think I was willing to give Ghost Lab a chance with the hopes it would get better but it just got worse. It ranks right up there with Ghost Adventures just with fancier equipment. It was like letting a bunch of wrestlers loose at Tombstone but at least they weren’t as narcissistic as a certain someone else who guest starred on a certain other paranormal TV show. Frankly, I’m not wasting my time with this show anymore.

In other TV news, previews of the latest installment in the Ghost Hunters franchise has begun to air. When the word got out about a college version of GH, I guess I was expecting something a little like Paranormal State. That’s what I get for having expectations. It looks interesting but we get to wait until November 11th to see if Ghost Hunters Academy lives up to the success of the other two GH shows.

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Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Southern Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh deepest in the world. It was formed of the eruption of Mount Mazama over seven thousand years ago. The blast was believed to be 42 times greater than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. It expelled so much magma that the summit of the mountain collapsed and formed a giant crater. Over time, the caldera sealed itself off and allowed rain and melted snow to fill the crater. Cinder cones was formed due to earlier eruptions. Only one managed to breach the surface of the water. In 1885, a man named Will G. Steele dubbed it Wizard Island because it resembled a wizard’s hat. Native Americans were known to inhabit the area long before it even erupted. They believed it to be a sacred place.

Some believed if you looked upon the lake you would die instantaneously. Crater Lake went undiscovered for so long due to local tribes steering away any visitors. They would deny its very existence. There are so many Native American legends about Wizard Island and Crater Lake they all can not be told here. However, one story told by the Klamath Indians begins with some returning from a hunting trip. They stood at the top of the mountain and spotted the beautiful blue lake below. Feeling they had invaded forbidden territory, the Indians left and set up camp far away from it. One Indian, however, couldn’t resist sneaking back to the rim to gaze at it. When he walked away, he felt stronger. He went back once more and came away stronger. The third time he went down the steep slope and bathed in the blue water. Walking away, he became the strongest and most skillful warrior of the tribe. Others decided to do as he had done. Each bathed in the water and came out faster runners and better hunters. That is until one day, an Indian brave was bathing in the water and for whatever reason killed one of the creatures in the water. Several hundred lake creatures attacked and killed him. The spell on all the warriors broke. They were no longer welcomed at the lake.

Native American folklore is not the only thing Crater Lake is known for. A woman named Mattie Hatcher from Albany, Georgia visited the lake when she was a little girl. While sitting in a rowboat with her friends, something a block long swam under the boat. She described it as a monster, dragon-like. The story surfaced in May 2002. No one has reported seeing the “dragon” since. If there are creatures in the lake, they may company. The dragon may not be the only cryptoid living in Crater Lake National Park. On June 8th or 9th, 1976, the Chief Park Naturalist, George Morrison, observed a Sasquatch-like (or Bigfoot) creature crossing the South Road at dusk and headed into Annie Creek Canyon. About two years later, two rangers seeing something large in the forest with a foul odor that threw a pinecone at them.

Several deaths have taken place in the Crater Lake area. Between 1926 and 1997, at least thirteen people have fallen to their deaths due to the steep slopes. The area around the lake has been the settling for various plane crashes, car wrecks and recreational accidents. Two executives for United Motors Service, a subsidiary of General Motors, were found shot to death execution style on July 19, 1952. As the news spread of the murders, people flocked to the location, contaminating evidence. The crime remains unsolved. A number of suicides have occurred here as well. Rangers have reported seeing campfires burning on Wizard Island. By the time they get there to look in to the situation, the fires are gone. A ranger named Jan Kirwan witnessed a campfire outside the designated campgrounds with ten people surrounding it. When she stopped to confront them, all traces of the people and fire had vanished. Mysterious lights have also been seen streaking over Crater Lake.

What could be causing all the unexplained phenomena at Crater Lake National Park?

GS Question of the Week

Would you buy an object if you knew it was made from human skin?

Reader Submission - Should I call him a Ghost or something else?

There are more questions than answers in my true story. Before this experience I did not question if there were demons. To put it bluntly I thought demons were made up fictional creatures like the boogieman.

My experiences with ghosts for the last twenty five years have been positive and comforting. The few times I have been truly frightened by a ghost I later realized my fear was a misinterpretation of the situation, not a threat.

Twenty five years ago back when I was a "babe" it wasn’t unusual for me to draw attention from the opposite sex. Sorry to say with age and time all good things end.

My story begins with something every driver dreads, going to the division of motor vehicles office. It was a sunny day in Florida and I was wearing a trendy, vulgar looking outfit that I mistook for good taste. As I entered the building I saw an odd looking man ushering people into a line. My first impression was that he looked like a troll in a fairytale. He was bald on top, had long dirty hair on the sides and was ready to explode out of his clothing like a stuffed sausage. Worst of all he appeared to be disgruntled with his job like a postal employee that dreams of killing all his co-workers! When he looked at me I politely turned my head away and got in line. I had a busy day ahead of me and I quickly forgot about the odd man once I left the DMV.

Back then I lived near the beach off a main road in a small rented house. I can’t remember if it was that night or the next night after I went to the DMV when it happened. I went to bed the night in question right after the news and quickly fell asleep. Around two in the morning I was awakened by footsteps and a man whistling in my living room. The tune he was whistling was loud enough to wake me and the idea someone was in my little house terrified me.

The intruder was blocking my only exit so I pretended to be a sleep. With the lights out I could still see and prayed he would walk past my room. The element of surprise was not in my favor and I feared for the worse. There was something sinister in the air something horrible about to happen to me. The whistling stopped abruptly as he entered my bedroom!

It was him that little Troll from the DMV or was it? His body was off white not completely white but close. He looked like a ghost but I knew it couldn’t be a ghost because the man at the DMV wasn’t dead he was alive! The Troll felt menacing to me like a villain in a slasher film. He came toward my bed and sat down facing me! He knew I was awake and he grinned when he looked at me. I knew this was a supernatural event something bad, almost evil. I felt like I was the target and something horrific was going to take place!

Was it a bad ghost or some sort of demon taking the shape of a man I had casually met? Was it possible for the Troll to astral project and come to my house to hurt me? There was no mistaking he wanted to inflict injury! Did I remind him of a girl in high school that had snubbed him or a co worker who had turned him down? When you are terrified out of your mind you never forget the face of the man who wants to kill you. I saw the contempt in his eyes and his disregard for me as a human being. All his body and clothes were whitish in color and as he reached out to touch me, he vanished!

I was in a dead panic at this point. I wanted to phone the police, rouse the army and call up the National Guard! Instead I turned on all the lights in the house, woke the dogs and patrolled my house in search of the Troll who had invaded my home. At this point, if he wasn’t dead already, I wanted to kill him!

Why had this man come to my house? What did I ever do to him to make him so hateful? Was it a demon masking himself appearing in another form? Is that even possible for a demon to do? I have read about astral project but how in the world would that creepy man know where I live? Could a ghost even whistle? I have asked myself these questions for years. So far I haven’t figured out the riddle.

I broke my lease to my house and moved a few weeks later back to New York. I can only tell you the facts of what happened that night the rest is speculation. So far the Troll hasn’t returned. A mystery still surrounds that night in a little house near the beach. Was it a demon, was it a ghost appearing as another, or was it something else?

Lura Ketchledge

BIO: I have led an eclectic life. For more than twenty years, I have owned horses, or I should say been their employee! I have been a model, waitress, bartender/shrink and a housewife. These are the fine ingredients that made me a Paranormal Author. Oh, I am leaving out one important part of the equation. I died when I was nineteen and came back with psychic abilities. I was a closet queen so to speak for twenty five years concerning my abilities to see dead people. Truth be told I really didn’t have the personality of a psychic, maybe a skeptic but not a psychic. My outlet was writing about my paranormal experiences with fictional characters and a pretend world. In all my books, there are some very true psychic experiences that I have witnessed! Included in my books are the hows and whys some people gain their psychic abilities! If you were to write a book about me it would be called The Accidental Psychic.

Have Ghost Hunters Met Their Match?

Last night, after enjoying a double dose of NCIS, I began channel surfing. As I was flipping through the educational block of our channel listing, I came upon the premiere of a new series. It's to the point I groan every time I hear a new paranormal reality series being added to the growing list, but I sat and watched, giving the Discovery Channel's Ghost Lab a chance to wow me. I have to admit maybe....just maybe....Ghost Hunters has some real competition. Every paranormal series has their own charm but when it comes to a skeptical point of view, Ghost Hunters has been the reigning champ despite alleged reports of falsifying evidence.

Ghost Lab is a show which follows the investigation skills of Everyday Paranormal. The Klinge Brothers, Brad and Barry, formed their group in 2007. Unlike Jason and Grant, they have taken on paranormal research full time. The actual Ghost Lab is a 24-foot car hauler decked out with the world's most sophisticated equipment including flat screen monitors, a touch screen smart board, surveillance video cameras capable of shooting 300 feet away in total darkness with a 180-degree peripheral view and temperature, humidity and dew point data loggers. The theory they seem set on proving is what they call "Era Cues". This theory is similar if not the same as what is known as the Singapore Theory. The purpose is to use elements like music from the alleged spirits time era to stimulate activity.

On their premiere episode, Everyday Paranormal investigated Shreveport Auditorium. When I first tuned in, I thought I was watching a documentary. I believe Mike Rowe from Discovery's Dirty Jobs provided narration. The overall appeal of the show didn't seem like you were getting a first hand investigator point of view. It seemed more like you were following their footsteps. The EP team set up their equipment throwing their electronic "net" over the building and the investigation began expanding over two nights. Placing data loggers in a linear sweep, they hoped to capture the movement of reported shadows. A balcony door reported to open on its own did not disappoint. They captured an EVP saying "They saw the light" and even recreated it using a team member's voice to display the difference in frequencies. The EP team brought in a band to further experiment with the "Era Cues" theory. Shreveport Auditorium helped start the careers of musicians such as Johnny Cash and Elvis in 1950s. The stimulus provided good as a team member was touched and another door closed on its own.

As they wrapped up their investigation, the team moved on to Myrtles Plantation. This was not their first investigation of the location and knew what to expect. I've always wondered when Jason, Grant and Steve do their guided walk throughs do they ever have any experiences. Ghosts don't wait until nightfall to make themselves known. During the self-guided walk through, Brad Klinge narrated paranormal reports of each room. He began discussing about children who once resided in the William Winters room when the sound of a child's laughter became present in the background. No child was in Myrtles at the time. During their investigation, they experimented with "Era Cues" using a recorded voice of a local historian reciting historic documents. This resulted in a moving cold spot.

Their extreme excitement of simple experiences irked me at first. I mean...seriously. Act like you've seen a door open on its own before. But as I continued to watch, I began to understand the reason for it. Their key agenda is research and experiences not debunking. When you conduct an experiment and receive good results, it's a reason to celebrate. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you remain objective. This avid paranormal TV viewer says Ghost Lab is a must watch on Tuesday nights.

Tune in next week at 9pm Central/10 Eastern on the Discovery Channel when Everyday Paranormal takes on Tombstone, Arizona.

EDIT: I had the opportunity to watch the premiere episode again over the weekend. I think I was more tired than I realized when I saw it the first time. It's a nice change in pace in the sense its not formatted the same as all the others. But in a lot of ways, their inexperience really shows. I don't know. It may be something to watch on a Tuesday night but if the season doesn't get better, the Discovery Channel is going to have to stick with A Haunting or whatever they are calling it these days for their ghost series.

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GS Question of the Week

What do you think is the best haunted attraction in the United States?

Cornwall Jail

Much like the prisons here, gaols/jails in Canada were built to last and many are still standing. However, those dated back to the 1800s are being shut down for new and improved facilities. Cornwall Jail in Ontario housed its last "official" prisoner in 2002.

During the war of 1812, the original courthouse was used as barracks and courts were held in St. John Church and local taverns. Fourteen years, it burned down and another move took place until new plans were drawn up. The new jailhouse was completed in 1834 and saw its share of well known prisoners such as Roger Caron, one of the boxing Hilton Brothers and a few Hell's Angels. Cornwall was meant to only house 50-60 prisoners at a time but known to sometimes contain more than 100. Only three guards were on duty at a time which meant activities such as exercise in the courtyard happen because the inmates could not be controlled. This may or may not have led to some of the suicides in Cornwall.

Ten inmates were hung in what use to be the gallows before executions in the courtyard ended in 1954. Many were buried in that courtyard. The jailhouse received many new additions over the years. When a new section was added in the 1960s, it uncovered three "cells" laid flat in the ground. These coffin-like holding areas were used as a form of punishment. There is no record of their existence. Cornwall Jail reopened in 2005 as Ontario's newest tourist attraction. Do visitors come to see how prisoners once lived inside its walls or do they want to experience its haunted side?

With so many deaths in its 175-year-history, some would think it stranger not to think a spirit or two roam the hallways. Some have reported hearing distinctive sounds such as a trolley going down the hallway. Cell doors that were closed the night before are found opened the next day. Orbs have been captured in photos and on film. A male voice has been heard humming by staff. Shadows have also been seen and some believe a female and child spirits still reside in the jailhouse. We will see on Wednesday if any of these claims can be validated after Jason and Grant's investigation results are aired.
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